Quality On Time Within Budget
Generations of experience have shown us how to build a solid foundation for the success of every project. We do it by delivering high quality construction at competitive prices, using proven methods, including value engineering and computer based scheduling. We do it with a firm commitment to finish your job on time, because at Annino Construction, we know that time means money.

On time completions. We do whatever it takes when we see extraordinary measures are needed to stay on schedule, and if that means working nights, weekends, and holidays,
we do it.

Informed Clients. We keep the lines of communication open. Regular progress reports are issued, and the company President as well as the job Superintendent are available for consultations.

Relationships that work. The architect is considered a part of the construction team. This way, we work together to take advantage of significant cost saving opportunities that may occur during construction. Long standing relationships with city officials have been built on mutual respect. The result is prompt response when needed, saving valuable time and money.

Committed employee/supervisors. Our supervisors are full time employees, not temporary hired guns. They are trained to do things our way, so all phases of construction run smoothly.

Skilled subcontractors. We rely on those whose competence and professionalism have been proven to us. Their work is closely & continually monitored to maintain high standards.